Webbs Mills Vol. Fire Dept.

"Volunteering With Pride Since 1933"

Wildland Strike Team

     The Webbs Mills Vol. Fire Dept. Wildland Strike Team is comprised of firefighters and EMS responders trained to NYS, PA, and National levels of certifications in Wildland Firefighting, E.M.S., and Wildland Search and Rescue. The Strike Team is at the ready to deploy to any department that requests our services providing trained personnel and equipment that can be utilized in many different situations. Below you will find the apparatus we use in such situations along with positions held by  our firefighters while working a fireline.

Urban Interface 1821

Type II Engine

Brush 1872

Type VI Engine

ATV 1874

Type VII Engine

Crew Tasks & Positions

Crew Boss/ Engine Boss

In charge of crew and their safety. Similar to a Lieutenant or captain in structural firefighting. Maintains communications with command. Also performs duties of lineman. Will stay up to date on weather, topography, and location.



Job Duties: Cut and Clear brush, Fell dangerous burnout trees or other trees that have become hazardous. Clear pathes for equiptment to access fire.

Equiptment: Safety Helmet, Chaps, Gloves,Goggles, Steel toe boots, Radio, Chain saw, Gas, Bar oil, and Tool kit

Lineman (Position I)

Job Duties: Work with fire crew mainly consists of arduous labor carrying a five gallon water pack with hand-pump (Indian pack) Mop-up and wet down hot spots to protect from spread of fire over line.



Job Duties: Work on a fire crew mainly consists of arduous labor with hand-tools such as the brush hook. Cut back brush to construct fire breaks.


Lineman (Position III)

Job Duties: Work on a fire crew mainly consists of arduous labor with hand-tools such as the Pulaski (axe/hoe) Clear and rake back leaves and underbrush to clear fire lines.



Job Duties: Operate pumps,Water Supply, Keep track of Equiptment, and tend to service of brush truck.

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